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Mobile Dj FAQ's

How does Arrowood Entertainment pricing compare to other companies?
Our pricing is fair. You will find most companies charge between $80 and $190 an hour, if not more.  We can customize a package that will fit almost any budget.

How long does it take Arrowood Entertainment to Set up?
It takes us about 45 minutes to set up. We typically arrive at least 1 hour before the event is scheduled to begin. We are playing music before your guests even arrive.

Who are the DJ's that show up to our event?
For weddings, Arrowood Entertainment is a "one set-up" company. We believe in customer satisfaction. Some DJ's you will never see, they sell your job or have several DJ's that work for them. We have two and they are the owners. You will talk to and see both of us.

Are the DJ's interactive?
YES, We make sure EVERYONE is having fun no matter what. We promise that everyone will be dancing. Whatever it takes. With two DJ's at your event. We can get out on the dance floor and entertain.

Do you charge for set up?
We charge only the time that we are playing. Set up and take down is on our time, not yours.

How much advance do you need in booking a job?
It depends. We book months and even years in advance.  Usually we have no open dates two to three months out.  We work on a first come first serve basis and only require a $50 retainer to hold your date.

Does Arrowood Entertainment take requests?
Yes, we work for you. Whatever you or your guests want to hear, we will play it. We try to keep unreasonable or inappropriate requests out.

Is Arrowood Entertainment's music clean?
Yes, we are clean. If you specify, You will not hear any bad words, suggestive language, or any foul references during or in our music.

Will Arrowood Entertainment play my personal CD?
Yes, we do not mind playing anyone else's music, just as long as it is appropriate.

Do you have back-up equipment in case of a problem?
Yes, we always bring a second system in case of emergency, but with top of the line equipment you can rest assured there will be no problems.

You guys are the best. What a wonderful time we had, thanks to you --Cindy H.

Thank you so much for making our wedding a huge success. You were so professional. --Casie M.

We had a Great time thanks to you two. Tell Kim thanks for teaching us those dances. --John B.

We will definately be using you guys again. Thanks!! Lori S. You were worth every penny and more. Great job. Andrea M.

You ROCK. I loved our reception, Thank you so much. Jessi H.

It was the most fun we had all year. Can't wait til next time. Amy P. 2010